tag namev0.5.32 (0654ae9d9cf882612bfdfbff7042fb6197b4bb3b)
tag date2021-03-22 08:57:43 +0000
tagged bymidipix <>
tagged objectcommit 2f2f9d5665...
This patch release provides several bug fixes as well as the new (or proper) implementation of previously missing features. - driver: added -Xlinker support. - driver: support -static-libtool-libs (currently as a no-op). - driver: slbt_init_flavor_settings(): properly handle the -shrext argument. - driver: --version: update the git repository reference to the https variant. - link mode: check for and properly support -version-info with -release. - link mode: .def file name: added proper -release support. - link mode: slbt_exec_link(): record the -shrext argument for the install step. - install mode: support wrapping of /path/to/sh /path/to/install-sh. - install mode: slbt_exec_install_entry(): added -shrext support. - uninstall mode: remove hard-coded shell logic, revisit later as needed. - heuristics: support finding arbitrarily named scripts up the build tree. - heuristics: added (annotated) trace output. - heuristics: slbt_lconf_open(): added (annotated) trace_result(). - output: print out the recorded not-found path. - output: added slbt_output_fdcwd(). - internals: error tracing: record the not-found path upon ENOENT as needed. - library: compile & link modes: properly record the not-found path upon error. - helper api: added slbt_realpath(). - build system: ccenv_{tool|attr}_epilog(): properly handle long output strings. - project: added BUGS and a note on where to report bugs and issues. - project: config.project: update $mb_pkgrep to the https variant. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEBkDXo9GaKk9CJujC3D0pO+15sOoFAmBYXBAACgkQ3D0pO+15 sOrNZQ/+JMTZV4y+CJD7NFKqxu0gRfqaJ73BXhNQh+2CZKYG8FZorxRIroV5/yzT LKr5S2FZTxtGx2DIc/4y+UQwbJD1q8FfQKrhmCaICOly+QImo2KF+bHmqIDKPowO 2D4Z9D1bzgRhZ42607USuw62s1FN5tEYie7SWl3SPX4tvqRbt+B/vktr+aaDCatC wrBZgWrY6x04BANvMavJCXgUX2DIOswEPGJssgngrI5DUyERd2s8PFq7mgyTTZhH eF0RSBXuiNu9kuW92jm9so/QC1lYLEAguVx/YcoQo1mAZwOz1JBanYmVD9S6TZ8b keqKacJvuHbLnuMWoG1xUBwryDVD5aKnhJWjfrNITc5rzX+DR64azl1PlbI1Avzv SofhE+PVD/p+sqrXILV5UHgnQzxejvEl2vJDRDLMT/VYhz5QWtjcg4YDr6HWDnZD yy6IGLeVVZaKDCN08G1Nvds05Oqo6ZkD00JPBfd6cRhy8ev/StBNtb6In9/WvE9V Kenx/id/k4nYeADj8O5ZAZJ7+sMPqaaRHUqrmvV5GnZMRzJn1ZtkRkVrD6fpmU1s J56215o+SuytmTOsHcTTWikUUNlQT07IWUcyWkOmvGgMgH3qNLpiXQEXIXE+C1P+ F3l1Saiu1tTN8aMVAF8EU2xFfzMvbvCRD0cEj7bQNe7aHJjWGlw= =Iaiv -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----