tag namev0.5.25 (ddf4f4685596f21105bf470193f58ae9e5815a2a)
tag date2018-07-18 02:29:56 -0400
tagged bymidipix <>
tagged objectcommit 6de2620ace...
This patch release follows several important enhancements in slibtool's functionality, including proper support of explicit .a and .so input arguments in link mode, and use of validly alternate (non-)pic objects. With respect to compiler and target flavors, slibtool now accommodates clang's debated approach towards the -fPIC switch in always-pic targets. Last but not least, and following much discussion and consideration of the various trade-offs, this release redefines _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700. With that said, slibtool could still be easily built on older systems for as long as they provide openat, faccessat, and (the soon-to-be-used) fexecve. - driver: added --tag=RC support. - driver: added --windres support. - driver: use a compiler --target argument also as a tool argument. - driver: if no --tag had been defined in compile mode, set --tag to CC. - link mode: properly handle explicit archive input arguments. - link mode: properly handle external archives and libraries. - link mode: process dependencies also for non-pic .la args. - link mode: support validly alternate (non-)pic objects. - target flavors: accommodate conceptually challenged, PICky targets. - target flavors: flavor detection: associate -windows- with mingw. - target flavors: further eliminate compiler -dumpmachine invocations. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEBkDXo9GaKk9CJujC3D0pO+15sOoFAltO3msACgkQ3D0pO+15 sOpMqw/+OAG8Cl9ysOmxgr7TxJABOYLZuR+J6Gha4GVDPFjua6gu/AK7m3l3xfdW xfVPQQjWG3w9ViWhc2wAQt2LHqY6X3u8lAfDgDWqj/XnfsUpuD9dfkYt18ND5HeL /jGCOHiih+XX4pTiE2XWBWAPGZARQ84MFvBgPhUF7Eoz4zyp8i/26jtmupYh8Tma Ej1s27Bt56Xo/YJtZeIXSi27xOCl0yT5rLj7tXcPn46zg/fBEH1BBx7SGxsnv35i X40wItkjT4bq6SfQZP81pT3WEXOjO1+Vf54CRQCRTco9G3FMNojc1lMbKRcBv0zu hbzihmPKkkEk9d2ZA1dGgRcO4Tc/IjLEdbbYPS2cOPwtMgVCcCK9Hjm2Lq18x2kp 8RERVQA6oXob/qau+pPaRbeC9YWobHClXYlOShIaxOO++htGMEy7M+jAqG+iO53V PfWyFQuhQj1Juylf/qML+9rM6U88rBbi+qLYaSz7w2lHLnweZHuvie/3eJi0FJ9B D4P5Mra9ZErLeX1nKPzZOE5NjFG8lzOyK61IsGT264WvJsOcezAYek3aITm8gGYU lXc5HzPtjb6qh+MhRqmyhHkb3VMTbv+cTseSHoJft3qdwSWXeGB6x7XdSnF7SkCd WfWaGnYUy3bdC1q12N9RaE326ooro3OT0OHlJnHOxY0+K0QVe1A= =zTAt -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----